A Life Well Wasted - Episode Seven: Work

Episode Seven: Work

Robert Ashley talks to a developer at a big game studio about his strange trip from blue collar work to video game work, gets a lesson in work ethic from legendary game designer John Romero, finds out what can happen when you give your work away for free, and profiles Nick Smith (aka Ulillillia).

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A Life Well Wasted - Episode Six: Big Ideas

Episode Six: Big Ideas

Robert Ashley edits listener-submitted game ideas into one big, crazy game, talks to the guy who owns the rights to Tetris about his plans to save the world, gets a lecture on the future of games from a New York University professor, and meets a struggling game blogger who happens to possess freakishly enormous genitalia.

PARENTAL ADVISORY: A Life Well Wasted is always for grown-ups, but this episode is definitely not for kids. Don’t embarrass yourself by playing it in the car with your grandma.

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A Life Well Wasted - Episode Five: Help

Episode Five: Help

Robert Ashley helps people in videogames instead of helping people in real life, meets a comedy group who spend hundreds of hours every year playing the most boring videogame ever created, talks to a guy who quit playing games for a year, and profiles the best selling pinball designer of all time.

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A Life Well Wasted - Episode Four: Artists, Fans & Engineers

Episode Four: Artists, Fans & Engineers

Robert Ashley visits a cosplay enthusiast, talks to the founder of an art show about videogames, discovers the strange world of fan fiction radio plays, and profiles a self-taught computer chip designer racecar driver/roller derby bruiser.

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A Life Well Wasted - Episode Three: Why Game?

Episode Three: Why Game?

Robert Ashley wonders why he spends his free time playing videogames, asks random people on the street about it, talks to a researcher whose work attempts to harness the brain power wasted on gaming, gets to know an eccentric, forward-thinking game designer who lives sustainably with his family of four on $14,000 a year, and gets a first-hand account of what it’s like to work on terrible games (and what it’s like to get terrible reviews) from an anonymous game developer.

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A Life Well Wasted - Episode Two: Gotta Catch ‘em All

Episode Two: Gotta Catch ‘em All

Robert Ashley explores the world of collectors and archivists, visiting a massive underground collection of videogames, a vintage pinball museum, and a program at Stanford University that hopes to save the history of online gaming.

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A Life Well Wasted - Episode One: The Death of EGM

Episode One: The Death of EGM

Robert Ashley talks to former Electronic Gaming Monthly writers and editors about their experiences at the long running magazine.

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