I’m really picky about T-shirts. I don’t want to pay to advertise a brand on my chest or wear something that instantly identifies me as a certain “type” of person. I guess that’s one of the reasons why it has taken forever to get a shirt up at the A Life Well Wasted store. I wanted something that was just a cool shirt, something that doesn’t immediately scream “OMG IMA GEEK!!!” To me, this is that shirt:

It's a t-shirt.

One cool thing that isn’t captured in the mock-up: The off-white silhouette part of the design isn’t ink. It’s created with a fancy dye-removal process that takes the black out of the shirt. So it’s not a big, fat, sweaty badge on your chest. And the brain, which is printed, really pops.

The shirts are American Apparel, available in S, M, L, XL, and 2-XL. $25 shipped in the US and $30 shipped anywhere else in the world.

They aren’t limited in a strict number sense, but I’ll probably take them down once the sales slow down to a trickle.

Until then, get ‘em here.