I know it’s ridiculous to release a podcast on a monthly schedule, but A Life Well Wasted is like fine Texas barbecue, slow-roasted, tangy, and labor-intensive. To fill in the long gaps between episodes, I’ll be posting occasional B-sides–ALWW audio content that is either super-short or super-raw. Today’s B-side is an uncut interview with Stanford’s gaming curator Henry Lowood, as partly heard in Episode 2. 

If you like ALWW’s concise editing and fast pace, please skip this B-side. But if you were intrigued by Lowood’s segment in the show, I think you’ll find much of this hour-long interview interesting. 

Bonus Assignment:

I’ve seen a few people asking about contributing to ALWW. If you want to try out your audio editing skills on this uncut interview, chopping it down to an ALWW-like story, then have at it. Send links to your work (not files) to robert AT alifewellwasted DOT com. I’ll give everything a listen, and if I hear something particularly good, I’ll post it on this site and in my iTunes feed. Good luck!